Adventure to Peace

I Create Peace

in Me

You Create Peace 

in You

Our philosophy


We are all Equal.


We have different strengths and weaknesses. Within a helpful structure, we can through honest and kind Conversation, create positive change.


One step at the time, we learn and grow together.



Step One

I am Stronger than I Feel


Step Two

I am Wiser than I Think


Step Three

My Spirit is Pure, Compassionate and Powerful


Step Four

I have the Right to be Heard


Step Five

I have the Responsibility to Speak


Step Six

I Listen to Understand


Step Seven

I Enter into Respectful Conversation with Intention to Solve


Step Eight

I Yield to the Truth


Step Nine

We are all Equal


Step Ten

I Create Peace in Me


Step Eleven

You Create Peace in You


Step Twelve

Together We Create World Peace



Together We Create

World Peace

What does World Peace look like to you?

It's Possible


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Adventure to Peace



Helena Svedin